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Brand Communication, the original design has stood as a ball for years trying to grab every footballer. Graphic Design, Advertising and Marketing professionals have learned after building a common sense of a brand, a huge budget, and a lot of customer hassles over time, when it is synonymous with reaping a lifetime. With the intensity of information and meaning brought by today's world, the different disciplines work together for the development and development of a brand, and the key to building content together is a new concept. The days when the advertising agency is today's trends and the habits of perception are the enemy, and the digital is not clear what happened. Today's market conditions remind us that we are on the same boat, and those who do not understand expect a cold shower. With the variety that the Internet brings to our lives, we are increasingly believing that creating and sustaining brand loyalty that is demanded from us as we learn the secrets of the human mind that has discovered a new feature every day in the light of future progression will not only be realized through customary methods, but will only bring about a new time and budget loss. Many industry professionals who learn that you are a 'creative department' under the umbrella of Konvert Creative Advertising Agency ask us the same question; 'What are you doing exactly?' To answer this question in a single answer: We are designing design-based corporate identities and lives for the brands and institutions we imagine as an organism. We write the common story of brains that look at the same subject elsewhere under the roof of Konvert Creatif, which houses different disciplines 'in peace'.